Soap execute with mtom enabled

Scenario :-
Trying to perform a SOAP Execute to send attachments as PDF and XML using the MTOM transmission as mentioned in the document below.

The scenario works correctly when the filename is provided statically(hardcoded), however fails if the filename is provided dynamically using the expression language .

Fails with these settings(dynamic) and below error


File not found on null at /api/1/rest/slfs/lease/Partners/*****/ POC/$filenamexml

Works with these settings(hardcoded).

Result on Mock service

However the strange part is that you see that whatever values were provided as expression language did not get evaluated in the Attachments sections but got evaluated on the Customize Envelope section.

It seems the expression language evaluator does not work on the attachments section even when configured correctly. Anyways to resolve this? I am guessing there is some technical problem with the snap itself.

Additional information
The mapper data before the execution.

@johnbilay: There is a current bug on evaluating the expression fields in the attachment properties of the Soap Execute snap. How critical is this for you?

Hello @smanoharan,

This is of very high priority to us as we need to deliver a working POC for one of a highly potential customers.
And we only have the next 2 days to perform the same. Currently we are working with the workaround of a static file. But we need this functionality to convince clients about the power of Snaplogic as they only accept attachments over MTOM.
It would be great if you can assist us at the earliest as possible.

Hello @smanoharan,

Do you have an update for us on this?


Hi @smanoharan,

Any updates on this topic? It is becoming urgent for us. Is there a work around that we can use in the meantime to deal with this type of issues?

Kind regards

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@johnbilay I will have the snapLogic support team to contact you and we will work on it. There isn’t a workaround but solving the expression parsing will be the clean fix here.

Hi @smanoharan,

Do you happen to have any status update on this topic? This is becoming a bottleneck for the project we are working on.

Kind Regards,

Lucas Laumans



Please check if the soap snap accepts the binary content in the Binary Filed of the Attachments property

The pipelines which I am attaching are mst_passBinary and sub_passBinary

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mst_passBinary will send the mapping fields which are needed for SOAP snap and also the file names of the which should be attached.
sub_passBinary will take the filenames and read the files and provide the BinaryContents of the files to the SOAP snap.
Please add the SOAP snap at the end of the child pipeline and map accordingly.

mst_passBinary_2018_10_31.slp (5.4 KB)
passBinary_2018_10_31.slp (15.0 KB)