SOAP webservice

Can anyone please tell me how we can create a SOAP web service in snaplogic designer and expose the integration pipeline which we have created to an external applications

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Vishnu24, Refer below threads,

Let me know if you need more details.

Thanks @psadasivam, I just wanted to understanding that suppose if I have created a pipeline which fetches data from a database if you pass an ID , Can I create a SOAP webservice which encapsulates this functionality and I can share this Outbound WSDL to any external consumer application

@Vishnu24, Yes, it’s possible to achieve what you are looking for but SnapLogic doesn’t provide you the WSDL file.You have to manually create as shown in post above. Let me know if you need any help building this in SnapLogic.

@psadasivam I am facing SOAP execute issue…Could you please help me on it?
I am getting error:
Failure: An exception occurred while executing the SOAP request, Reason: Could not send the SOAP request, Resolution: Verify that the template is correct, the substituted values are valid and the provided envelope matches the namespaces that are required by the targeted service

To get session ID I called Salesforce login soap call first
Below is my template for login
Please help me

@nunnikrishnan:- Can share you pipeline ? I am unable to view your complete xml template.