[solved] Add decimal zeros to integer for double

Hi, I get as JSON input

"amount" : 1000

I would like to convert 1000 to 1000.00

"amount" : 1000.00


I do not want to convert to “1000.00” which toFixed(2) does.

thank you.

Hi @Szymon,

With parseFloat() function.

Like this parseFloat($amount.toFixed(2))



Puh! Apologies, that I have not described everything I had tried before posting.
Among others, I had tried parseFloat as well.

I wonder if you have tried it yourself, jolly good. Pipeline is attached
parseFloat($amount.toFixed(2)) will remove the decimal ‘.00’, so this brings nothing.
As a result you would get: 1000 → “1000.00” → 1000

Again I need to add decimals to 1000 to get 1000.00, NOT to “1000.00”

"amount" : 1000.00

thank you.
toDouble_2022_01_12.slp (5.9 KB)

Actually, It will not. I agree with @viktor_n on this one. This is a validation from the pipeline you attached:


Don’t rely on the preview within the snap, check the actual output after validation.


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Arrgh! Indeed, Bojan, you are right. I always forget, that one should not relay on just a half-reliable platform. Also, if runtime presents the result same as validation.
Terribly sorry for that. I suppose, it comes from the habit of using other mature integration tools. I promise to remember that in the future. I must admit, it presents a certain kind of a thrill “Oh goodie! which feature is reliable in this release, my-oh-my!” - very exciting.
Thank you and kind regards.


Updated pipeline attached.
toDouble_2022_01_12.slp (8.6 KB)