Sort: Global vs Ascending/Descending

I know what ascending and descending sorts are. I’m not sure what a global sort is. Could someone explain it to me?

There is a property called Sort order (Global) in the Sort snap. When a “global” sort order is used, then it’ll use the value set in the Sort order (Global) field.

In this example, since $name is using a global sort order, the field is sorted in descending order because that is what is set in the Sort order (Global) property.


Got it. So it’s just a setting that points to another setting? I guess I’m failing to see why you would use the global setting instead of just setting each row as ascending or descending separately.

If you’re going to sort a lot of fields knowing that most of them will be either ascending or descending, you can set the global sort order to the most used method. Then you only have to manually change the fields sorted by the other method. If you’re only sorting a few fields then manually choosing each may be the same level of effort.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.