SQL Server Account - Connecting using SSMS, but not with SnapLogic

Hello community,

I’m trying to setup an SQL Server Account in Snaplogic to access a database on an SQL Server.
I am able to get access to the server using SSMS, but not in Snaplogic.

(last line of the error is “Resolution: Address the reported issue”)

I am using the same account for SSMS in Snaplogic.

Any assistance with this would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Is the SQL Server on-premises or in the cloud?
If on-premises, are you using a Groundplex?

@dmiller it is on-premises, and yup, using the Groundplex.

Could it be the SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME format as hostname?

And your IP address whitelist is up to date? There was an update made over the summer; see Snaplex IP Address Whitelist Update in the documentation.

Ok, thanks.
I’ll look into the IP whitelist.

My colleague helped, and we removed the port number from the account configuration, and it worked.

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