SQL Table into Excel File

I have a pipeline that I am working on that requires data to be extracted and transformed in SQL Server (completed) and should be loaded into a single excel file. I cant seem to get my data into an excel file.
Has anyone completed a similar load, if so, how? What snaps and order did you use?

In my research I have seen a lot of articles about excel to DB but not the other way around.

@ssmith266 Do you know the SQL query you wish to execute that will return the data to be put into the Excel file?

Normally I would anticipate a user using the SQL Server Execute Snap, the Excel Formatter Snap, and a File Writer Snap to complete this task.

Perhaps you can please share what you tried so far and I can try to assist you.

Thank you for the reply Robin, fortunately I was able to work through the issue. Your approach is correct - In the picture below I have a Netezza DB (JDBC Execute Snap) Table that I am select everything from, an excel formatter snap and a file writer snap.

Note that you’ll have to additionally handle data result sets that are bigger than 100MB, the limit size for files in SLDB.