SSH Auth Binary Account

Do you have any example of creating SSH Auth account to be used in file writer snap? Here is the error message - Please ensure private key is in OpenSSH key file format.

Any help is appreciated here.

@Ksivagurunathan, here is a generic document I put together for my team for creating SSH key pairs. Someone on this forum may have a better approach. However, see step #10 to ensure you get an OpenSSH format.

Thanks for quick response. amn’t able to see any document attached. can you please attach it again

Funny, just staring at the document doesn’t actually attach it! :slight_smile:
Here it is… Generate SSH Key Pair (1).docx (41.6 KB)

Thank you for the document, now I see a following error -

Check for URL syntax and file access permission

I can access the sftp servers from winscp and write files on to it.

Any good debugging points here ?

  • make sure your file format in the file writer is something like sftp://{hostname}/{path}/{filename}
  • also, make sure your node IP addresses are white-listed at the destination and no firewall blocks

Thanks, that is what I suspected. Let me do follow up with my IT team.

Sorry for asking a question in your thread but I am trying to enable SSH Tunneling in MySQL Account. I have host name, username and a private rsa key (want to use as key-file). I have tried various options like using rsa private key directly and .pem key. Nothing is working, any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Currently we aren’t using MYSQL in our project. but do you think you don’t have enough information in this link -

Thanks @Ksivagurunathan for the link and Yeah I have already been through that information but it doesn’t relate to rsa private key. I just have rsa private key to enable this tunnel. I am able to make this tunnel using puTTY by creating a private key in .ppk format using given rsa private key with help of puTTYgen. It’s just I am trying to figure out any way of doing it through MySQL account in SnapLogic.