SSO Login Issue

Hi Team,

One of the user was getting the error “SSO login cannot be used for users that are members of orgs that have different identity providers” while login into Snaplogic through SSO login.

This user is able to login into SSO enabled Prod and stage orgs successfully.But after we adding the user in a Test (Non SSO Enabled) org he was getting the above error while logging in SSO Prod and Stage orgs.If we remove him from the same Test org then he was able to login without any issue.

Our requirement is to give him the login access in Test org and it’s not possible to enable SSO in Test.Hence how do we give access in Test org without breaking his SSO access in Prod and stage orgs.

Can anyone help here.

At this time, if you want to use SSO with SnapLogic, all orgs in SnapLogic must use the same SSO configuration.

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Hi @dmiller ,

Thank you for your quick response.

Do we have any workaround for providing the access in non SSO enabled Test org for the user.

The only workaround that I know of is to use an alternate email or email alias in that org.
It’s what we’ve had to do with existing SSO using customers that need access to our trial org for training webinars.

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Thank you @dmiller for your inputs over here.