Standard python packages in the Script snap

Hi guys,

Can anyone supply a list of the available python packages for usage via the Script snap?

Thanks in advance -

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The Script snap uses the Jython 2.7.2 engine. You can search online to find out which packages are provided with the engine, but you can also import other packages.

@ptaylor thanks for the reply!
Did you mean of possibility to import other packages without having RPE set up? Can you please in that case share an example (or simple pipeline)?

Yes, if it’s Python 2.x compatible and doesn’t do anything too weird.

It does require some special configuration on the plex node though. You create a file called .jython in the home directory of the user that the jcc runs as. In that file you would define


for example, on my system it would be


Then in your Script source, you can just import any of the packages that are present under that path.