State Department Per Diem Rates to Workday Import Expense Rate Table

Pipeline sample that grabs per diem rate data from State Department website and imports it into Workday Rate Tables. It gets a little complex as far as the data mapping and filters, but cuts down on tedious manual maintenance of these tables. We run this once a month. There is definitely room for improvement like adding some validation checks. One big issue is that the import is all or nothing; if a single record doesn’t match between the State Dept. spreadsheet and Workday, it fails. Also, the Workday call itself always returns as if it succeeded, so you have to do a search for ‘import expense rate table’ in Workday to see if and what any errors are.

You will likely have to play around with the mapping and filters to get the Excel data to match the Spend_Data_ID fields for locations in Workday. And the State Dept adds a new location every couple months which will cause the integration to fail unless you enter the new location in Workday.

So, not perfect, but certainly saves HR a few steps.

Erik Pearson
Senior Software Engineer
Bowdoin College (7.8 KB)

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