Storing the delete history

Hi Team,

I have designed a very simple one-one pipeline which performs Salesforce Delete operation based on the id we receive from the source mapper . After deleting I would like to write to the file regarding the details performed after deletion like getting the id which is deleted and the other information as shown below . Is there any way to proceed with this activity.

- Pipeline
- Data in source mapper

I need to have the same data after the deletion so that it could be useful for tracking purpose . Please let me know if there is a method to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Harsha3

Salesforce Delete snap returns the data from the upstream snap under the original object.



You should set up Snap execution property in the Snap to “Validate&Execute”, in order to see the output data on validation.

You can get the data from the original object and process further.

Also, I am attaching sample pipeline containing another way for achieving the desired target:

SFDC_Test_Community_2020_07_16.slp (13.1 KB)

Hope this will help.

Spiro Taleski