String location

Hi Team,

I am designing a pipeline for oracle DB update . In one part of a development , I was not able to apply " contains" functionality used in string manipulation although I read the document . My requirement is very simple say we have a string DIAB;HYPE , we need to find whether ‘;’ char is present or not using the command $original.Additional_Specialties__c.contains(’;’) . On validating I get the boolean posted as false irrespective of the string value . Please refer the screenshot below.

-Mapper Validation result

Thanks in advance

I think you put the wrong column in your expression. It should be $ADDITIONAL_SPECILITY1.contains(';')

Hi Diwaron,

Thanks for the answer but the field additional speciality az c also contains the same pecific information like additional 1 counterpart


Can you verify what the actual values are for that field? You could check the preview JSON output. Here is what I see from your images.

Thanks Siwadon the mapping values got swapped here. Now it is rectified