Successful Snaplogic Pipeline Validation not showing sample output

The following issue has cropped in last 3 or 4 days. I am unable to get/view the sample 50 document output for my pipeline when I validate it successfully.

I am not sure if I accidently changed some setting which I am unable to restore now or if this is real problem.

This is happening only for new pipelines and not for older one’s.

For older pipelines the validation looks fine and it shows me 50 document sample output.

For the newer pipelines the validation is not showing sample output but successful validation.

Here is what I did without success- cleared my browser cookies, history, browser restart and moved over from chrome to firefox.

How can this problem be resolved , am I missing something here?

Is it possible that you have a filter that simply filters out all results?

well the records are passing right through the pipeline , pretty much with desired outcome, but the validation simply does not show the output of each snap. Validation output for some snaps like rest get does appear at times and let say not with others like data mapper everytime.

I have shown it our teams internally, and they are equally surprised with this behavior. The problem takes a different shape when I remove some of the other snaps in pipeline, then suddenly some of the ‘not outputting snaps’ now start showing the output, but thats again not for all snaps.

This is simply spiking up my development time by , may be 5x .

Because preview only displays the first 50 records pulled (or 8k for binary files), several factors may impact what displays.

  • as @akelpe suggested, look to see what might be filtering records out.
  • Is the data coming through dynamic? If so, that may be one reason why you may see varying results.
  • Your browser caches your preview results. If you are finding your preview data is not exactly what you are expecting, click Retry next to validation.

See Data Preview from a Pipeline in our documentation for more information.

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