Task Schedule - Blackout Dates and Time Zone

I have scheduled tasks set up on hourly and/or quarter-hourly cron schedules. One task is set up to US/Central and the other is GMT/UTC (related to the source-system time zones). I need to know if the blackout dates are tied to the configured timezone and/or what to expect if not.

We have a related target-system scheduled outage, scheduled for 72 hours beginning at 12am US/Central, so I want to set blackout dates for the outage. However, if the blackout dates are related to the configured time zone, then the UTC task will cause execution to disable and re-enable 5 hours too early. If they are NOT tied to the configured time zone, then I need to know what time zone they are configured to so I know the expected behavior and can determine a go-forward plan.

(@dmiller, if I’m not just overlooking it, can you notify the doc team that there is no information regarding scheduled task blackout configuration? - TIA)

I submitted a ticket for the doc team.

Thank you Diane and Doc Team. I have another upcoming blackout period and just now realized the information I requested has been added to the docs. https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1438009/How+to+Schedule+a+Task

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