Temp folder relocation

Hi community folks,

So we recently added a partition to our groundplex server. Is it possible to relocate the TEMP folder that Snaplogic uses to that partition so that it is off the OS drive?

Take a look at this page in the documentation, it give the various option for configuring a Groundplex, including the location for the temp directory used by the JCC process.

Thanks @cstewart

Also, the new temp folder would be on the “D:\Snalogic_TEMP”

We opened a ticket with our support agent, and they specified something about symlinks.
Can’t I just use that path in the global properties?
e.g. jcc.jvm_options = -Djava.io.tmpdir=D:\Snalogic_TEMP

@cstewart any feedback on this?

IIRC it is a Java thing, that in Windows operating systems, it only recognises the same drive you are running on, so you need to create such a link. And if you are changing any of these things, you always need to uninstall, and re-install the Windows service that runs the JCC. (try that first if you didn’t already!)