Time stamp on an end of a file


I am trying to figure out the time stamp features, and I can’t seem to get it to work.

I have on my file writer: “XXXXXXX_” + Date.now() + .txt

But that doesn’t work, Can someone inform me on what I need to do to correct this and get this to work? I want to have YYYYMMDDHHMMSS in the time stamp.

If you change the expression to this then you’ll get close. [note: I quoted the .txt]

Expression: “XXXXXXX_” + Date.now() + “.txt”
Result: XXXXX_2018-11-28T18:10:54.456Z.txt

You could further format the date by doing.

Expression: “XXXXXXX_” + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({“format”:“yyyyMMddHHmmss”}) + “.txt”
Result: XXXXX_20181128181830.txt

Here is more documentation on the toLocaleDateTimeString.

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Okay, I have tried both ways you have and it is still messing up. to give further explaination, my file name is a directory path to our FTP server and then the name. so for example. it is something like this…

/home/edi/BS/Trade/P41/out/“filename” + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({“format”:“yyyyMMddHHmmss”}) + “.txt”

An on the server it is literally posting that as the name ^^

I am guessing you do NOT have the expression toggle on for the File name property…causing it to treat the value as literal text.

That makes it fail when I have it as an expression. Since it is on a server could that be an issue.


You need to double quote the “static text” part of your expression.

Again, I have done that and it is not working, I think it is cause it is being placed on a FTP server.

There should be a quote in the beginning (as the first character) and I don’t see it.

You’ll want to do something like this as the expression, but fill it in with the specifics of the hostname. As @smakkena points out, the sftp part needs to be surrounded in quotes. That creates a string that you concatenate with the Date experssion. Then you concatenate the “.txt” string on to the end.

"sftp://my.ftp.com/home/edi/BS/Trade/P41/out/filename" + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({"format":"yyyyMMddHHmmss"}) + ".txt"

EDIT A colleague pointed out that the double quotes were being replaced by angled quotes by the community editor, which may also be impacting the parsing of the expression. You may need to correct that in the snap’s expression too.