To fetch value from group by output based on different values of one field

Hello Community,

I want to fetch ESTVERSION value after performing the group by REQUESTNUM based on condition as below:
If all records having STATUS=‘ESTIMATED’ then max(ESTVERSION) else if anyone STATUS=‘ACCEPTED’ then that ESTVERSION must be fetched. Tried with router, but not able to satisfy both the requirement.

Group_By Fields output0.json (619 Bytes)
required_output.json (260 Bytes)

Welcome to the Community @nirupama!

Please find a sample pipeline attached which should meet your current requirements.
Community 13539 - Fetch value from group_2022_10_03.slp (4.1 KB)

The Mapper snap is using the Array.sort() method to prioritize the group elements then taking the highest priority (element 0). Note that this might be an incomplete answer since sorting ESTVERSION is using lexicographic sorting but you may need to sort this value as integers - if you need this, take a look at the built-in parseInt() function.

Hope this helps!

Hi @nirupama , welcome!

I believe the following expression in a mapper will do the job:

$group.find(x=>x.STATUS == 'ACCEPTED') != null ? $group.find(x=>x.STATUS == 'ACCEPTED') : $group.sort((a,b)=> a.ESTVERSION - b.ESTVERSION).pop()

Translated version would be:

“If one object in the group has a “STATUS” field with “ACCEPTED” as value, than take that object. If not, than order the group on the “ESTVERSION” field, and take the last one, which means the max ESTVERSION.”


Thank you @koryknick for the quick response with the guidance. It is working when any one record is ACCEPTED but it is not when all records are ESTIMATED.

Thank you @bojanvelevski. It is working as expected. I tried with mapping expression you mentioned above by making few more changes in the input data and i’m able to fetch proper estversion.

Thank you!!

Hi @bojanvelevski What would be the mapping expression "if two or more records in the group has a “STATUS” field with “ACCEPTED” as value and it has to fetch maximum of ESTVERSION among both. And second condition remains same, all are ESTIMATED”.

@nirupama - Here is an updated pipeline that just breaks your problem into two steps to handle the multiple ACCEPTED records. Basically, we’ll just sort the array in the first Mapper, then select the appropriate entry in the second Mapper.

Community 13539 - Fetch value from group_2022_10_03.slp (6.9 KB)

Credit to @bojanvelevski for the slick sort() and find() criteria.

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This approach helped me a lot. Thank you @koryknick for providing the finest way to achieve the requirement.
Thank you @bojanvelevski

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