Trigger Pipeline with REST without needing a URL Triggered Task

We are currently kicking off pipelines using the URL Triggered Task. However, we have a large number of pipelines, and we do not want to have to create a Triggered Task or Ultra Task for each and every pipeline.

It looks like the Snaplogic Designer makes a POST call to the following endpoint when you click “Execute pipeline” through the UI: “{snode_id}”. However, I have a number of questions about this API, such as how we get the authorization SLToken that is inserted in the header, where the snode_id is actually defined, is it safe to call this API ourselves from a production environment, etc. Is there any documentation around this API?

Pending a positive or negative response to your question, an option to your use case may be to create a single triggered pipeline containing a Pipeline Execute snap that could execute target pipelines determined by the REST parameters. The caveat would be that all target pipelines would need to be in the same project or an accessible shared project.