Triggered task vs ultra

Does anyone in the community use triggered task and whats the performance. since I m using triggered task for a project but it takes 3-4 sec for it to return a response. On the other hand using the same project as ultra reduces the time to 1 sec. Naturally one would prefer the latter but it has some restrictions on usage of certain snaps (group by n, etc). Is there any point in using triggered task??. If not can snaplogic remove retrictions on some snaps

Triggered Tasks are probably more appropriate for use-cases where they are called infrequently and don’t need to return a result immediately (e.g. webhooks).

The restriction on snaps can be worked around by putting incompatible snaps in a child pipeline and doing a local invocation with the Pipeline Execute snap. A local invocation can usually be done quickly since it usually doesn’t require communicating with the control plane.