Trim last lines in csv file


I have a log file in csv format. But the log file contains status information in first 5 lines and last 3 lines.

I can skip the first 5 lines using Skip lines* property in csv parser. But I could not remove the last 3 lines.

And I am getting error in csv parser because of this.

My Sample log file:

2020-02-04 21:49:01 STATUS: Task started
2020-02-04 21:49:01 STATUS: Connection established
2020-02-04 21:49:13 STATUS: Executing records…


  • Task completed successfully
    Can you help me here to parse my csv file.


I need to remove this part which is at the bottom of the log file.

- Task completed successfully

Hi were you able to find a solution for this?


I tried to recreate the error by parsing the data from the original post, and yes, the CSV Parser threw an error. Still, the desired data from the .csv file were present on the output of the CSV Parser Snap, correctly transformed into JSON format. I too skipped the first 5 lines by using the “Skip lines” property in the CSV Parser.
However, by selecting the “discard error data and continue” option in the drop-down for the Error View in the CSV Parser, the problem disappeared altogether. No error, and the CSV data was correctly parsed.


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Thank you Dimitri. This solution, i.e., selecting the "discard error data and continue” option in the drop-down for the Error View, helped.


Attached is an example pipeline that will read in the full file, use Binary to Document to allow the Mapper snap to manipulate the “content” of the file. Mapper will split the content by the record separator (cr/lf), filter out records that don’t have the field delimiter (comma), rejoin the content with the record separator, then pass data through a CSV converter to get the data. The Mapper snap is doing the heavy lifting by removing all of the header and footer information before it gets sent to the CSV parser.

Note that I’ve also set the Output view to Binary in the Mapper snap, which saves a step of doing a Document to Binary prior to the CSV Parser.

I hope this helps!

Example_Read_file_with_header_and_footer_2020_06_29.slp (6.4 KB)