UI behaviour - Asset Palette and Catalog

When working with multiple connected pipelines it’s a bit tedious to load and browse pipelines in the catalogue.

a) With catalogue mode, when loading/selecting a pipeline in the pipeline structure then the tabs change to Snaps, even if i wish to continue to work with pipelines. Then i have to click back to pipelines and refocus and scroll down if the list is long.
Suggested solution: Make the tab change from pipeline to snaps optional for the user in settings.

b) In Asset Palette mode, when browsing pipelines, selecting and loading a pipeline it closes the palette. When i wish to continue to load additional pipelines the tree is collapsed and i have to restart browsing to the correct locations… takes some time.
Suggested solution: Remember last tree location in the palette, when i open it again i would expect to still be where i left it…

The first item has been reported as a bug and should have been fixed last night.

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The second item should be addressed in the next release.

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