UI Validation View Improvement - synchronously repeating blank spaces

Hey Team,
Please consider this enhancement request for the Designer:

For UI validation views, please use the HTML entity   (or equivalent) for spaces in the data.

For example: This JSON having 3 different data values presents an inaccurate representation in all UI validation views:

       "val1" : "x x",
       "val2" : "x  x",
       "val3" : "x   x"




It is important in validation and troubleshooting, in many cases, that we get an accurate visual representation of the data - without having to go to the trouble to download the data. Especially when using joins, comparisons, and such, it’s difficult to diagnose an issue. Also, many times, I copy and paste the Raw view data for a JSON Generator or visual inspection in a text editor, but in these cases where there are repeating blank spaces, the data is incorrect.

Thanks for any consideration,
– Del

Hi @del,

You can use the “Formatted” checkbox in the data preview, like in the screen:

Now you see the spaces between the ‘x’ chars. Unchecking “Formatted” will return the string in double-quotes.


Thank you Igor for the very good suggestion.

Unfortunately, this Formatted checkbox feature (for the purpose of ASCII code 32 spaces) is still lacking and not sufficient for me.

As this Enhancements Request category is primarily for for community feedback (and not the direct avenue of requesting feature requests), I still will carry on the discussion with additional reasoning (personal opinions) as to why this option is not sufficient.

  1. Preformatting spaces should be default behavior and not require the developer to remember to flag the formatted checkbox. We may not know the spaces exists and that the formatting is needed for evaluation (and how would we, if the data is not accurately visually represented to begin with?)
    1.a. Data preview, as it’s definition would indicate, should be just that - a raw data preview. It should not be a black hole for spaces which are just as much value of data character as any other character.
    1.b. I’m only requesting this preformatted behavior for spaces, because they are not represented by escape characters as are other whitespace characters. For example, a newline is “\n” in the raw data string and default preview representation should continue to represented as “\n”. (sidebar: I do think this is where the Formatted checkbox does come in handy - for example, if you wanted to see the line-by-line representation of a mailing address.)

  2. The Formatted checkbox does not work for the purpose of seeing spaces in all views;
    2.a. It only works in the JSON view when the data is expanded.
    2.b. In the table view, it is an option but does not appear to work.
    2.c. In the Raw view, it’s not even an option - and contradicts the definition of Raw. As stated before, I copy and paste Raw view frequently for testing, so there is data loss if there are synchronous spaces. While downloading resolves this issue, it is much less convenient.

@del, totally agree with you!