Ultra task issue with Rest API

I am getting below error while trying to design a ultra pipeline to read JSON/XML document but when i try to POST json data from POSTMAN, getting error as below.

Snap is not connected to any upstream source
Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason

Can you tell what are you using to route in Binary router snap Please

Hi @pradeepkumar,

Hi @svedantam

I hope these works you just need to add one more output view to the binary router in your pipeline and use for error and also toggle first match and see the output.

Hi @svedantam,

As per the error message, you need to have a snap before “Binary Router” snap as it is looking for a source data, if I may ask, did this pipeline run before you attempted to create an ultra task?

Source systems could be anything ranging from a flat file, snowflake, oracle, salesforce, etc.
Thank you.