Update Multiple Line Items using the NetSuiteUpdate

Hi All,

We trying to update the Line Items under Sales Order:

  1. when we are trying to update for one line its getting updated.
  2. when we are trying to update for two Lines its throwing error.
  3. Error Is:
    platformCore:code=USER_ERROR, platformCore:message=Items on this line have been fulfilled. If you wish to delete the line, you must first delete the corresponding line(s) in the associated transaction(s)

Any one have Idea, please help me on this Issue.


It is just a guess, but it looks like you were trying to delete a line, and that Netsuite has a second area saying that a transaction occurred.

Apparently either both lines are created at the same time, or there was some transaction with the item, and you have to delete the transaction line(Stating it was shipped, paid for, etc…), before you delete the detail for that line.(stating WHAT was ordered)

Hi Stephenknilans,

under salesorder incase we have 10 lines, how do I consider which line has to be updated exactly.