Update Process Control Plane & Groundplex

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I would just like to confirm the sequence of events which will form the update for Snaplogic 4.15.

The release notes state:
Saturday, November 10, 9:00 PM PT 4.15 Release to Production
(Up to 2-hr Planned Downtime)
Saturday, December 8, 2018 Update of remaining Snaplexes to 4.15

My understanding was that we would have this window to apply the updates for both Groundplex and Control plane. However it has been suggested that we will only have the window for upgrading the groundplex and their will be a forced outage on November 10th for updating the control plane, after which we can then apply the updates to the groundplex.

would it be possible for someone in the community to clarify which of these processes is correct.

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The platform will not be available for 2 hours as the control plane and Cloudplexes are updated. You will then update Groundplexes after the platform comes back online.

The SnapLogic control plane (not your cloudplex nodes) is being upgraded (with downtime) this weekend (Nov 10) to support the new 4.15 release. After that, you can choose when to upgrade your organization’s groundplex and cloudplex nodes to that 4.15 release. Until Dec 8 anyway, when the 4.15 release will be forced onto any snaplexes that have not yet been upgraded.

Thank you both for confirming this!

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Note, only customers with Platinum Support have the 4 week window to update Snaplexes after the release.