**UPDATED** 2017 Fall Release (4.11) Plan: SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

We are pleased to announce that the next release of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform will soon be ready for testing. The planned release to production environment will be on Sunday, November 12, at 5 am UTC (Saturday, November 11, at 9 pm PT).

Platform Updates Include:

  • Error pipeline Feature
  • Project migration: Enhanced account encryption support
  • Dynamic Expression Evaluation

Snap Updates Include:

  • [New Snap Pack] Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations (AX)
  • Enhancements in Amazon DynamoDB
  • Enhancements in Google BigQuery
  • Enhancements in SparkSQL Execute

Full details of the new and enhanced features and Snap packs will be published on our documentation site with the initial deploy to UAT.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, SnapLogic will be delaying the release to UAT of the Fall 2017 (4.11) release by a couple of days to ensure the release meets our highest quality standards. The new release to UAT is planned for Tuesday October 24th at 10am PT (5PM GMT). If we find we are able to release reliably prior to that time, we will advise accordingly.

The release to production is still planned for November 12th, 5 am UTC (November 11th, 9 pm PT)

Release schedule will now be as follows:
October 24, 5 pm UTC (Oct 21, 10 am PT) - Deploy to UAT (up to 4 hours)
October 28, 5 pm UTC (Oct 28, 10 am PT) - First planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
Nov 04, 5 pm UTC (Nov 04, 10 am PT) - Final planned update to UAT (up to 4 hours)
Nov 12, 5 am UTC (Nov 11, 9 pm PT) - Deploy to Production (up to 4 hours)

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The 4.11 release was deployed to UAT today.
Please read the Release Notes for more information on this release.

Developer @tstack provided more information on the error pipeline feature in this thread: Error Pipeline Feature

Is there any other feature you would like to know more about?

Has anyone tried the release on the UAT environment? (If you don’t have access to the UAT environment, check with your account manager.)

Be sure to check the UAT Delta section at the bottom of the Release Notes to see what was addressed with each UAT push.

The release is currently scheduled for deployment to production on November 12th at 5 am UTC (Saturday, November 11, at 9 pm PT).

Join us on November 15 at 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET for our product team’s live webinar that takes a deeper dive into SnapLogic’s new features and enhancements. Please sign up here.

Anyone else having issues with cron-type scheduled tasks not running properly since this weekend’s upgrade?

Development is investigating this issue.

502 Bad Gateway for elastic.snaplogic.com

The portal is down

I’m getting the same 502 Bad Gateway errors when trying to log in.

Hey…we even could not create Ultra tasks after 4.11…

We have been experiencing extremely slow validation times since the update. Sometimes 15 minutes before a small 5 snap pipeline is validated. Has anyone else noticed this?

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We are aware of issues with performance.

From our trust site:

Identified - We are currently investigating performance degradation in platform services. Our engineers have been able to identify the root cause of the degradation and are working to rectify the issue.

We do have the same issue. even now they are still not running properly.

Same. My cron-type scheduled tasks aren’t running at all, since like 4PM.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure all issues are logged with Support.

Do you have any update on performance degradation in the new release? Is this still in the process of being addressed?

Account managers will be contacting customers with status information, if they have not done so already.