Urgent: How to send Pipeline input of trigger and ultra pipes(with no i/p o/p unlinked) into the errorHandler pipe

Hi Team,
Need your opinion on sending document/pipelineInput data globally as a parameter or some other way into the error pipeline.
As when it’s an ultra pipe with one i/p one o/p unlinked and any error happens in ultra i can get the pipeline original data with “snap.original.load()” function call but how can i send or achieve same in case of trigger or Ultra without open views(having kafka snaps to pull data at start of pipe) ?
I know my pipeline is ultra but its not having any i/p view so ‘snap.original.load()’ will not work,
But the pipe has first snap as confluent kafka consumer(Message count: -1 so it will keep on running) and when any error happens in main pipe i want the kafka consumer snap document(for which error happen in main pipe) as it is into error pipeline along with other error details i.e reson , resolution, original etc(i need this kafka snap failed document to acknowledge message back in error pipe and logging in db to reprocess).
Is it possible please suggest ?

Hello Team,
Any suggestion on this ?

Please check this link. It may help you.