Use of pipeline parameter in MySQL Multi execute snap

How to use a pipeline parameter in MySQL Multi execute snap’s SQL statement?
I have a child pipeline that receives table name as a pipeline parameter. When I use pipeline parameter in Delete and insert SQL statements, I am getting following validation error for accessing parameter as _parameterName, .eval(_parameterName), or _parameterName
“Failure: Execution failed, Reason: One or more statements failed, Resolution: Please ensure SQL statement syntax is correct for all statements provided”

you can access it directly.

INSERT INTO _paramTableName VALUES ($id)

Thanks for your response. I have a parent pipeline with pipeline execute that has parameters defined as shown below. These captures table name and row count:

In Child pipeline, do I have to redefine pipeline parameters again. If yes, what should be the value of pipeline parameters here.

In the child Pipeline you don’t have to specify any values(the Values can be blank). When you run the pipeline the values are sent from the Parent Pipeline to Child pipeline. when using the Pipeline Execute Snap, the data can be passed through the input view of the child Pipeline When you are designing the pipeline you can specify valid values to work with.