Using 'in' clause in a mapper

I am trying to use ‘in’ clause in a mapper snap. But it does not evaluate correctly.

30 in [30,40,50] ----> false

30 in [‘30’,‘4’,‘50’] ----> false

(x => x in [‘4’,‘5’,‘6’])(4) ----> false

Has anyone tried it already? Am I missing anything?

Verified with Dev that “in” tests for index, not value, so 30 in [30,40,50] will be false, but 2 in [30,40,50] will be true.

Thanks for the help.

However I think it should search for values #enhancement-requests

it currently works similar to JavaScript:

Syntax for checking if a value is in an array is the same as in javascript.


[30,40,50].indexOf(30) != -1 —> true

[30,40,50].indexOf(90) != -1 —> false

The reason for the “!= -1” is that indexOf returns -1 if the element is not found in an array. Otherwise it returns the index.

Same method works for strings.

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Thanks, got it working :slight_smile: