Using list of values in Filter snap

Hi Team,

Is it possible to function a list of values in the filter snap?
Let’s assume, I want to filter IDs whose values are 100, 110, 300, etc., how can I put this in Filter snap without using || function?

I was planning to use $ID IN (100, 110, 300, etc.) but this one doesn’t seem to work so I have been using a conventional way as below:
$ID == "100" || $ID =="110" || $ID =="300"

Thanking in advance for your suggestions.


I think you can use Array.indexOf().

["100", "110", "300"].indexOf($ID) != -1
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Thank you @siwadon.
I believe for the above suggestion, I’ll have to ensure that my numbers are strings and then use that function in a mapper, right?

It depends. If your $ID are numbers, you can change the expression to

[100, 110, 300].indexOf($ID) != -1

I don’t understand your last question about Mapper. Since you mentioned using the Filter snap, this is for the Filter expression setting.

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Thanks @siwadon, I thought that the expression was for mapper, I will try this out in filter snap and let you know if it was successful.