Using Soap Execute to invoke a SOAP service

Requirement: I am trying to invoke a Soap Service, from SL. This source service is basically a SOAP UI Project with some data.
Using Soap Execute, I tried invoking the Soap URL, passing values for the request using a mapper before Soap Execute Snap.While executing this flow, I am getting an error:

**reason:Missing invoice., snap_details:{, …}, Fault code : :SOAP-ENV:Server, Fault string : :Missing invoice., Fault actor : :null, SOAP Fault Exception:Missing invoice., error:Mi…} **
“reason”: “Missing invoice.”
** “snap_details”: {label:SOAP Execute} **
“label”: “SOAP Execute”

"Fault code : ": “SOAP-ENV:Server”
"Fault string : ": “Missing invoice.”

Can someone suggest something on this?


Can you tell us which SOAP Service? It may help in the troubleshooting.

It is a client-specific thing and cant put it publically here on the community. Instead, i have, messaged you more details on this to you.Please take a look and let me know your suggestions and observations on it.

Seeing the words SOAP Fault in the message - it usually means the error message is coming back from the Soap server. Its possible that some data (invoice related?) in the expected SOAP envelope is not there.

One approach I have used to verify the SOAP envelope is to copy the SOAP Execute’s xml template into a a new Xml Generator Snap (since SOAP is just XML anyway). Then, temporarily replace the problem SOAP snap with that newly created Xml Generator snap. Running the problem pipeline with the new XML Generator snap - will display the substituted SOAP Envelope template on the Xml Generator’s ouput preview. That preview document is the SOAP envelope being sent to the SOAP server - it can be copied and pasted into another tool like SOAP UI to verify that the SOAP fault message is indeed coming from the SOAP server. This will make it easier to diagnose and fix any template or input data issues.