Using the ServiceNow Insert Snap and need to know what permissions the account needs in ServiceNow

So I have to pickup a file from a folder and push that file into ServiceNow as an attachment. I have a pipeline setup to do that using the ECC Queue. My issue is that it only works if the account has the admin role in ServiceNow. If the account does not have this role then the snap just does not work, it does not error or return any kind of status, I get nothing.

I do not want to give the account admin access. I have found that admin access is not needed when I us SoapUI to test the same functionality it works just fine.

So what I need to know is how does the ServiceNow Insert snap work. Because I should not have to give the account admin access and I can show it is absolutely not needed but with out it the ServiceNow Insert snap just does not work. Has anyone else done anything like this and if so did you find a way to get it to work with out admin access?