Variable/Parameter Value

I have a parent pipeline followed by 5 different child pipeline. One of the child pipeline dynamically generates a variable value. How can i pass the value generated in that child pipeline during runtime to another child pipeline. Kindly advise.

Are the 2 child pipeline connected sequentially from the parent? If so the last snap output view variable value of the 1st child is being pass to next child as if it is connected to the beginning of your 2nd child 1st snap.

Hope that make sense

Thanks for the response. Can you please explain little more on how we can pass the value that gets generated dynamically from one pipeline to another using output view variable that you have mentioned above.

There are cases where the child are sequentially connected with parent and in some cases it is not.

Can you share your pipeline? That way it is easier to provide feedback

You can call the child pipeline using “Pipeline execute” snap and mention the dynamically generated variable name in pipeline parameters.
In the child pipeline, use the same variable name in “Pipeline Properties” , checkmark “Capture” and set a default value.

During runtime the value in Parent pipeline will be passed to child pipeline.

Thanks both of you. I was able to fix this as you have suggested.