Version Control With Snaplogic

Has anyone been successful in implementing version control and continuous integration using Snaplogic?

I’m interested to hear what you’ve done to automate builds and deployments of pipelines.

I don’t mean using Snaplogic to implement a kind of Jenkins, but rather to integrate Snaplogic and use something like Jenkins to take snapshots of development projects and versions and then migrate those versions from Dev to QA or from QA to Prod.

Hi Tim. Check out this blog : End-to-end Pipeline automation and governance (Part 1 of 2) | SnapLogic — there are two parts to the blog.

We also have a training course. If you reach out to your account mamanger, point them here : Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery | SnapLogic

I’m looking for something more lightweight and less “snaplogic centric”.

More along the lines of command line tools that will copy packages, create versions, copy pipelines etc, leaving the Git integrations outside the Snaplogic tool and in a CI/CD.