Vlookup betwen two tables

Hi snaplogic experts,
lets say i have excel(A) with 10 values in one column (branches) on left side and on the right side i have excel(B) with two columns (branches and managers). iam able to read them separately … but how can i create something like vlookup - if values from excel B (column A) are in excel A, then replace value in excel A with value from column2 from excel B ?


     Excel A                                 
New York                          
Los Angeles

      Excel B
New York    Test1
Washington  Test2

Result should be: 

Los Angeles

i dont mean whole solution, but which snap/function should i use?

Thank you

Hi @SL12345,

There are a couple of snaps you can use to achieve your end results. Snaps like mapper, conditional formatting and join would help you out.

Easier solution without writing any transformation rules would be a Join. If you’re only interested in data that exists in both the files, please use an “Inner Join” else go ahead with a “Left Outer Join”.
After the join is applied, you’ll have to still use a mapper to select which columns you’re interested into.

Hope that helps!


Hi @SL12345 ,

As @darshthakkar said, you can use different snaps.

I have made a simple pipeline to achieve this, using Sort, Join and Mapper. Join is set to “left outer”.

Test pipeline_2022_11_23.slp (14.1 KB)


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Sharing some snaps, sample pipeline and files for your convenience:

Branches.xlsx (9.7 KB)
Branches_Managers.xlsx (9.1 KB)
Branches_Managers_2022_11_23.slp (12.7 KB)


that was helpful. thank you very much

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