What kind of snaplex is required?

I have an use case to extract data from on premise DB and load it to amazon Redshift.
Using a cloudplex will I be able to access on premise DB and write it to redhsift?
do I need to use two snaplexes ! (Groudnplex and Cloudplex)?

The pipeline can run on a Groundplex, since the Groundplex can access both the on-premises DB and it can also access Redshift. There might be a network config change required on Redshift to allow access from the Groundplex, see AWS Redshift Ingress

thank you @akidave
No network config required in Groundplex? As per my understanding groundplex can not reach beyond the firewall, correct me If I am wrong

If the Groundplex node allows all outbound requests, which is usually the case, then no additional setup is required on the Groundplex. If outbound requests are restricted, then the Redshift IP address range would have to be added to the allow list on the outbound firewall. See Network Config

If an HTTP proxy is being used on the Groundplex, since the Redshift connections use JDBC rather a HTTP based protocol, opening the firewall would be required to allow access to Redshift.

Thank you @akidave