Which driver does Redshift Snap Pack uses?

Which driver does Redshift Snap Pack uses today? According to AWS blog, native Redshift drivers are more performant. If it is not already using AWS distributed driver, how can we switch over?

“AWS recently launched free ODBC and JDBC drivers optimized for use with Amazon Redshift. These drivers improve performance over the use of open source drivers, and are more memory efficient.”

You can find more details in this AWS blog.

The Redshift Snap Pack uses a Postgres driver, but you can upload the Redshift driver and configure the Redshift account to use that instead.

Redshift Snap Pack version 2799 (a patch on the 4.8.0 codeline) or later has the properties to upload and enable the Redshift driver.


upload them where/how?

In the Redshift account, the JDBC Jars property lets you upload the drivers into SnapLogic.

@dmiller I see now…the “+” sign being below the box wasn’t intuitive to me.

@dmiller Any idea why this wouldn’t work? It’s the same JDBC url and driver that file that I’m using for my connection in SQL Workbench/J.

I believe you need “jdbc:” before “redshift://…” in the URL