Which IP address do SnapLogic SMTP requests come from

I am trying to set up a SMTP account to send an email with the Email Sender snap in SnapLogic. I asked the IT Admin team to set up an account to use with SnapLogic in order to access our SMTP service. Their question to me was “Where is the request coming from?”. Would it come from elastic.snaplogic.com?

Pipeline execution happens on Snaplexes, so all requests to Snap endpoints will come from the Snaplex IP address range. In this case, the Email sender snap will send a request to the SMTP server from the Snaplex node.

The IP address range for Cloudplexes is documented here.

The IP address range for Groundplexes will depend on the customer network. The dashboard shows the IP address for each Groundplex node under the “External IP” field in the Additional Information dropdown for the node.

Thank you.