Who are our Snap builders?

Out of curiosity, who has built their own Snaps (SnapLogic Employees excluded)?
What type of Snap did you build?

I’ve built snaps for a survey platform, an api management tool, augmenting Box, an email api tool…


I’ve built a couple of snaps for CDC replication from an Oracle source.

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I’ve built three snaps that fit in the flow and transform categories.

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I’ve built a simple Snap backed by an account type which retrieves an authentication token when provided with a username/password

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Did you develop a snap for adding api management capability to snap?. How did you do that?. Are you willing to share your snap in the community?

Sorry, just seeing this. I built a snap for leveraging our apigee platform, @arul.marialouisadaik

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I just finished a custom binary snap to split text files and provide binary header information that allows for multiple files to be written. The snap allows for splitting by number of records, document size, or regular expression.

Hi Omair,
I am evaluating SnapLogic and I am new to this platform. I developed a simple snap where I hardcoded username/password inside a JSON Generator snap and pass them to the REST Post snap to get a token from my API. Any suggestion how can I store username/password somewhere, and not hard code them tin my snap. What is a proper way of doing it?

Thank you.

I’ve wondered this before too… Almost like we need an “account” type of object, but just generically for storing some value in a secure way for use by a pipeline. What I have done before is take my values and manually encrypt them one time using the “Encrypt Field” snap and a Passphrase type of account, then hardcode that encrypted text in the pipeline, and then decrypt it at runtime with the “Decrypt Field” snap for use downstream.

Hi christwr, thank you for replying to my post. I found and downloaded a pipeline that is doing encrypt/decrypt, work in progress. Thanks.