Why Netsuite Search Snap is not showing the same results as NS saved search in Netsuite


We are using NS Search Snap to fetch the records from the Transaction object. We have observed that the Snap results are not the same as the NS saved search results in Netsuite. Record count is matching but the difference is in terms of column values. Few columns are not giving the actual string values instead the Search snap is giving the internal id of that string.
Can you let us know how can we overcome this and is there any expression or function in NS or SNaplogic to fetch the column stirng values using internal ids?

Thanaks in advance

Hi Teja,

How/what are you trying to utilize the NS search snap for? Meaning what data are you looking to grab from it? I like to use the saved search in Netsuite to pull for me a dynamic list that is changing or or static results that I want to address and then from there I go an grab the particular data that I want. Hopefully I can help you navigate this.

Hi Teja,

Can you please elaborate on the differences you’re seeing? An example would help.