Workday Account Configuration - Version Question

When configuring a Workday Account, a version is required in the configuration. I had always presumed that the version configured in the account was passed through to the @version attribute in the SOAP request generated by the individual Workday snaps. After examining some error data, I’m thinking that it is not because the version is not displayed in the error output $envelope data. So now, I’m assuming the version may just be used for the Service URL for the snaps and not passed through to the SOAP request (therefore requiring $version to be passed into the Workday snaps’ input view).

To eliminate my presumptions and assumptions, would a SnapLogic employee please confirm and describe the usage of the version parameter required in the Workday Account and whether it is passed through to the SOAP request?

Yes when you type in the version number in the Workday Account to be used in Workday Read or Write Snaps, it is sent as part of the SOAP request to Workday.

You dont have to populate the @version variable on the individual web service/operation in the mapper.

Thank you very much for the confirmation!