Worksheet Reader (Google Sheet Snap Pack)

Dear Community,

I have a use case that needs to read a Google worksheet using the Google Sheet snap. Our Google Admin helps us set up the Google Account that needs access when I use the Worksheet Reader snap in SnapLogic. For testing, I shared a Google sheet to that Google Account, created the pipeline and everything works fine.

Now, I am facing this issue for a spreadsheet that this Worksheet Reader snap is supposed to have access to. First, I logged in to Google (using the Google Account above, with ‘editor’ access). I can see the spreadsheet under “Shared with me”, I can open the file and view the data. Then, I use SnapLogic and authorize the same Google account that I use to view the spreadsheet, but it will prompt me this error during validation:

Also, I tried using Spreadsheet Browser snap, but it did not find the spreadsheet that is shared with the authorized Google Account (same as above).

I am stuck with this issue and I hope the community can help us. Thank you!

We solved the problem. Spreadsheet is placed in a secured folder where the Google account that we have in SnapLogic has no access to. Requested the owner to move the spreadsheet into another folder and grant the Google account in SnapLogic access to both the spreadsheet and the new folder. It works!

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