Write to a Google Drive folder using Worksheet Writer

Dear community,

Does anyone know how to configure the Worksheet Writer snap to write to a specific folder in Google Drive?

Thank you!

Not at this time. You would have to create a blank file in the location you want it, then select it from the dropdown in the Snap to write to that file.

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Thank you for the reply.

Actually, the requirement is we have CSV files in a file share and we wanted to ‘send/write’ these to Google Drive. My initial thought is to use File Reader > Mapper > Worksheet Writer (to a specific folder where I can manage the security). Since this feature in the Worksheet Writer snap is not yet available - how would you like to configure the pipeline for this case? What other snap can I use for this purpose?

You can create a blank spreadsheet in the target google driver folder. And provide this new spreadsheet’s name in your pipeline’s Worksheet writer snap. Provide a valid worksheet name as well. Then you are all good. You can have a pipeline with File Reader + CSV Parser + Worksheet Writer.

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Thank you! This works for me.

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I have a follow-up question. The other source file that I wanted to write from sftp to Google drive is generated daily and the filename has a date on it. How would you handle this scenario?

If you know what format the date is in, you can use an expression to replicate it.

"Filename" + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString('{"format":"MMYYYY"}')

This should work if run on the same day. If you are running it a day later, you would need to add .minusDays(1)

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Thank you @dmiller and @smudassir for sharing the insights.
I wasn’t aware of worksheet writer before today, now I’ve been exposed to it.

Thanks a bunch for sharing this…

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