Writing no matching data

I’m trying compare different tables in different databases in order to get the no matching datas.

I already tried to use the lookup snap but it doesn’t give an option to get only the no matching records.

Have you guys ever had that same issue? How do I solve this?


@GABILOBATO Try using Diff Snap

I already tried to use it. But somehow it keep sending all the original data to the deleted output even though is not all deleted data.
All the paths has the same data type and are sorted before the diff snap. Don’t know what more I can try

Try Reversing Inputs. New to Original and Original to New.

Did that too. It inserts the rows at the inserted output

Are two tables having same schema. If not Try parsing selected values and in Mapper change the names so that they will have same schema.

It worked! Thank you very much!

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