Zip write not customisable

Hi Team,

We have designed a validation pipeline which is very useful for monitoring the data quality checks within our team . Since we do multiple checks and each time we are writing to a sheet preferably excel . Instead of using excel multi sheet formatter ( as every time we need to navigate the sheets ) we thought of publishing all the sheets in a zip for better verification . Unfortunately we were not able to achieve it . I have attached my pipeline too . Can I get a help on how we can customize through zip .


CALL PLAN RELATED VALIDATION_2020_11_02.slp (153.6 KB)

Take a look at the following script. You should use the file format or document to binary snap. Zip write accepts many files can be written here. Take a look at the following screenshot, your each process should connect to formater / document to binary and send to zip write.

Hope this helps.!!

Hi Gowtham,

Thanks for the reply , indeed my snap does not contain the output data in json format also instead of writing multiple files at the end is there any way of including all those excels commonly under a zip . If yes, that could be really helpful.



You can try something similar as follows.I was trying to show you some sudo code on how to do that. You can refer to the following screenshot, it may give you some idea as your pipe is having many SOQL query and excel formatting.


Hi Gowtham,

I have tried the same but the output in the zip we don’t have the excel files instead the files are encrypted. Also please find my updated SLP.

CALL PLAN RELATED VALIDATION_2020_11_03.slp (168.4 KB)