Zip Writer S3 - base directory uses full S3 folder structure

I’m using a Zip Writer snap to add two files to a single .zip file. The files are located in a S3 bucket and are several directories “deep” in the S3 bucket folder structure (S3:///folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/file.txt). I would like to add the two files to the base directory of the unzipped .zip file (/home/file1.txt, /home/file2.txt). The problem is that no matter what I put into the Base Directory option, I always get my complete S3 bucket folder structure when the .zip is unzipped (/folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/file1.txt).

Is there a way to put my files in the root of the unzipped file without the full S3 bucket folder structure?

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Hi! Did you figure out a solution?

Unfortunately no. We’re having to use a different solution to create our compressed files due to this limitation.

Try to update/manipulate the [‘content-location’] of the file that is streaming before the zipfile write snap