ZipFile Writer - Subdirectory Support

I would like to store a large number of files into a single compressed zip file and in order to help with organization I would like to group the files into nested subdirectories. I have paired a Document To Binary Snap with a ZipFile Writer Snap and by using the $content and $content-location values I am able to store multiple files in the zip file. However, when I include the directory separator character “/” in the content-location value it is treated as part of the file name and escaped as “” and the directory structure is not created.

Is there a way to create directory hierarchies in zip files using the ZipFile Writer Snap?


Hmm, it seems to be working for me. Can you share the pipeline your testing with?

Thanks for following up on this. I created a test pipeline and I was unable to reproduce my original problem and then I adjusted my actual pipeline and subdirectories started working. Perhaps I had an illegal character or space in the full file path. In any event it is working as desired now.