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Query about Using SnapLogic's Generative AI Builder for LLM-Powered Applications

New Contributor

Hi SnapLogic Community,

I am interested in exploring SnapLogic's Generative AI Builder to create applications powered by LLM (Large Language Models) but I am not sure about the process.
Could someone guide me on how to use the Generative AI Builder effectively for this purpose?

Specifically, I am looking for insights on:

  • Getting started with SnapLogic's Generative AI Builder.
  • Integrating LLM capabilities into application development.
  • Best practices for optimizing LLM-powered applications.
  • Any tutorials, resources, or examples that can help in understanding and implementing this technology.

I also gone through this documentation on official site but didn't find detailed information.

Your expertise and guidance on this matter would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,