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SnapLogic API Management FAQ


Here’s a list of technical FAQs we get from customers. Hopefully this helps you and if you can’t find the answer, feel free to respond to the post and I’ll try to answer!
SnapLogic API Manager allows you to manage and secure all your APIs in a unified platform with Data Integration and iPaaS capabilities.

  1. Load Balancing and Distribution
    Yes, SnapLogic platform can scale horizontally and the APIM Gateway can be distributed across different server nodes/clusters. For our Cloudplex (Cloud API Gateway) we also can provision a load balancer to handle traffic distribution.

  2. What API security and governing policies do you have (as of March 2023):

  • Anonymous Authenticator
  • API Key Authenticator
  • Authorize By Role
  • Authorized Request Validator
  • Callout Authenticator
  • Client Throttling
  • CORS Restriction
  • Early Request Validator
  • Generic OAuth2
  • IP Restriction
  • Json Validator
  • OAuth2 Client Credential
  • Request Size Limit
  • Request Transformer
  • SQL Threat Detector
  • XML DTD Validator
  • XML XSD Validator
  1. API Testing:
    We currently offer real-time API testing through the try it out feature.

  2. Rate limiting:
    Yes, we do offer rate limiting and you can customize it to your needs. i.e. 250 anonymous requests per hour

  3. Observability:
    Yes, you can track requests, request errors, error(%), target errors, latency and Top API by requests. You can also export the API log data for further analysis on other data analytics platforms.

  4. Can you create APIs with a spec?
    Yes, you can either create, import from a json/yaml to create APIs. Or via a template OpenAPI Spec from within SnapLogic API Manager.

  5. Can you manage and secure 3rd-party APIs?
    Yes, you can manage and secure 3rd-party APIs and pipelines (APIs) you’ve created with SnapLogic API Manager