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Adding Header to file

New Contributor

I am new to snaplogic . I want to name my outputfile with name(Like heading of the table) .What snap i should use to namethe table ?


Valued Contributor

Hey @Kishor_Kamal,

Your request is a bit unclear. If you are trying to read from a table, and write the data into a file, use some type of formatter per your request (CSV, JSON, Excel, etc.) and a File Writer at the end. This use case will write the data in a file on SLDB, or file protocols like FTP, SFTP … for which the snap needs a proper configuration, see documentation for more details:

SnapLogic Documentation: File Writer

If you’re trying to write the file using Web Services, than your configuration will take much more than a single header, but for information, the header for naming the file is Content-Disposition. I hope you’ll find this helpful, if not, share more information on your process.


Hi bojan ,
Thank for commenting back on my post . I was building simple pipeline to create CSV file and which need to be group together by common heading name …Is it good choice to use group By N snap for this situation.